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Unity Interview Questions – Part 1

These unity interview questions were most commonly asked by studios around the world .

First thing to remember is that No Interviewer directly jumps to Unity Questions , specially when you have an experience of 0-2 years .

First thing the Interviewer is going to ask you is about your Games and he/she will be asking you about the things related to your game . So please don’t even try to  mention the game that you didn’t develop.

unity3d interview questions , unity interview questions

General Questions :

1. Do you play games ? If yes , then name your favorite ones .

2. He/She will ask you something related to your favorite games.

3. How would you design this mechanism in Unity and much more.

4. How many games have you developed so far ?

unity3d interview questions , unity interview questions

The Interviewer will ask you few questions on OOPS. So to get through ,you will have to  beat the crap out of OOPS

Technical Questions :

1. Basic concepts of OOPS

Ans:  Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism

2.  What is Inheritance ?

Ans: You can refer here

3. Explain Polymorphism

Ans: You can refer here

4. What is Singleton Class ?

Ans: Check this post out 


and many other  basic things like Static variable

unity3d interview questions , unity interview questions

Now the Unity question comes in the game :


1. Let’s say I gave you a game  which is lagging(poor performance), how will you find the bottleneck ?

Ans:  I’ll look into the Profiler and will check whether its the GPU or CPU causing lag. If its CPU then i will optimize the scripts and if the GPU is causing the lag ,then i will try to compress textures and minimize the draw calls , by making atlases and combining meshes.

2. How to find inactive gameobjects from script ?

Ans:  You can check it here

3.  What are Coroutines ? Does it run on different Thread ?   —  Caution : This question can drag you into some serious stuff like Processes and threads .So try to answer it in simple words.

Ans: A coroutine is like a function that has the ability to pause execution and return control to Unity but then to continue where it left off on the following frame.

Does it run on different Thread – NO

Remember Unity runs on Main Thread only.

4. What is the use of AssetBundle ?

Ans:  AssetBundles are files that can be exported from Unity to contain asset of your choice. AssetBundles are created to simply downloading content to your application.

5. What is batching ?

Ans: Check this out

6. Difference between Update , Fixed Update and Late Update ?

Ans:  FixedUpdate – This is basically used for Physics calculation because this function is frame independent

Update – Update is called once per frame .This may vary device to device , depending on device performance.

LateUpdate –  This is called after Update/FixedUpdate . Can be used for Camera follow

7. Can i change the script execution order ?

Ans: Yes you can ,  Change the order in Script Execution Order. You can find it here (  Edit > Project Settings > Script Execution Order)

unity3d interview questions , unity interview questions

This is not it , some Interviewers ask question on Vectors , Physics and more advanced Unity questions. We will be covering rest in other unity interview questions part , so stay tune by subscribing .

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