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Tagged: Unity


Collision Detection using Raycast

Today we are going to learn Collision Detection without using Collider Functions or the Rigidbody. Instead we are going to learn about RayCastHit and setup a Raycast Controller for detecting collisions. The reason we...


2D Sprite Lighting in Unity

In unity you can make 2D games very easily after the built in support for 2D Sprite was added. Unfortunately by default unity Sprite Renderer does not support lighting . Sprites-default material does not...


How To Find Inactive Gameobject in Unity

How to find inactive gameobject in unity: We all are aware of that  GameObject.Find()  doesn’t find inactive gameobjects. Things that can find inactive gameObjects : transform.Find() or transform.FindChild() transform.GetComponentsInChildren<Component>(true) Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll<Component>() Transform.Find() or Tranform.FindChild()  ...


How to Blend Two Textures In Unity

How to blend two textures in Unity  : Ok, we dont like when our texture changes with a blink . It  breaks the immersion .So to make a smooth transition between textures we need to...


Best 3D Game Engines

Best 3D Game Engines 2015 : Want to develop a game ? or want to learn game programming ? Well , first step is to choose the right game engine . There are many...