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How to Develop VR Games – First Step

When it comes to emerging technologies ,numerous companies appear to be eyeing Virtual Reality as a new world for plunder. Virtual Reality brings imagination to reality , it makes you feel like as you were in front of a mega screen.

What is Virtual Reality ?

Virtual reality is an emerging technology that makes users  feel in a Virtual Environment by using computer/Mobile .


Virtual Reality can be referred as to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated life, replicates an environment that simulates physical presence in places in the real world or imagined worlds.

What You Need to Develop Virtual Reality :

1. VR Device (Google Cardboard) (For  Test)
2. Android Device with Gyroscope (For  Test)
3. Latest Unity Version

Difference between Accelerometer and Gyroscope ?
An accelerometer measures linear acceleration of movement, while a gyro on the other hand measures the angular rotational velocity. Both sensors measure rate of change; they just measure the rate of change for different things.

Ok , now lets get back to the business . First  Download the latest Google Cardboard SDK from here 

I’m assuming that you have managed to get everything .Now follow the below steps .

1. Create an Empty Unity project and Import the SDK package: Assets > Import Package > Custom Package. Select the CardboardSDKForUnity unitypackage where you downloaded it and click Open.

how to develop vr games 1
2. Now load the DemoScene and Play it

how to develop vr games 2

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 You can even view 360 Degree in Editor play mode.

      Hold Alt + Move Mouse   → To rotate 360

4. Now Just Connect your Phone and hit Build And Run.

5. Place your cellphone  in VR headSet and enjoy.

how to develop vr games

Building Unity Game for android:

1.  In File > Build Settings, select Android as the platform.
2. Click Player Settings. Under “Other Settings”, enter a package name into the “Bundle Identifier” field . Under “Resolution and Presentation”, check that the default orientation is set to “Landscape Left”.
3. Click Build and Run.

* If are you having problem in connecting your  cellphone then refer this and follow the first two steps

Look around the scene to find the cube. When you look right at it and it turns green, pull the Cardboard’s trigger (or tap the screen if not in a Cardboard) to teleport the cube to a new location.

how to develop vr games,oculus games , vr headset , virtual reality gaming,how to develop vr games

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