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Category: Tutorials


Collision Detection using Raycast

Today we are going to learn Collision Detection without using Collider Functions or the Rigidbody. Instead we are going to learn about RayCastHit and setup a Raycast Controller for detecting collisions. The reason we...


Unity Scrollview : Scrolling Text

Hi, in this tutorial we are going to show you, how to make a Unity Scrollview. Scroll Views let you make a smaller area on-screen look ‘into’ a much larger area, using Scroll bars placed...


How to use C# Enum in Unity

In C# enums are there own types , just like classes .Enums are strongly typed constants. So you can only declare them in global scope or within a class scope. Enum makes things easier...


Singleton Pattern in C#

Unity Singleton Pattern  I’m pretty sure you must have heard of it a lot , both good and bad  .  For newbies  , singleton is a design pattern that restricts the Instantiation of a...