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2D Sprite Lighting in Unity

In unity you can make 2D games very easily after the built in support for 2D Sprite was added. Unfortunately by default unity Sprite Renderer does not support lighting . Sprites-default material does not...


Monobehaviour Unity : Basic Tips

Monobehaviour Unity  : Monobehaviour is the base class every script drives from. Before writing any code we must know basic things about monobehaviour class . Using Javascript every script automatically derives from MonoBehaviour. We have...


XML Comments in C#

Use XML Comments in C# to make your code more understandable, it can make your life a little easier . We all know how important it is to comment our code , it helps...

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Unity 5 Water Tutorial

Unity 5 Water Tutorial Since Unity 5 is free , now we have access to Water4 (was available for pro only). Water4 is more sophisticated water . There are number of settings for Water4....


How To Find Inactive Gameobject in Unity

How to find inactive gameobject in unity: We all are aware of that  GameObject.Find()  doesn’t find inactive gameobjects. Things that can find inactive gameObjects : transform.Find() or transform.FindChild() transform.GetComponentsInChildren<Component>(true) Resources.FindObjectsOfTypeAll<Component>() Transform.Find() or Tranform.FindChild()  ...


How to Blend Two Textures In Unity

How to blend two textures in Unity  : Ok, we dont like when our texture changes with a blink . It  breaks the immersion .So to make a smooth transition between textures we need to...